Newtierra is a psychiatric institution of a semi-stationary profile, opened at the end of 2015, experimentally rehabilitating patients through music therapy and treatment aimed at reducing the main syndromes and symptoms of diseases and further to normalize the mental state.

NTRR ASLM - welcome to the real side of yourself...



Hebephrenic schizophrenia (from the other Greek words юβη - adolescence, φρεν - mind, intelligence) is one of the subtypes of schizophrenia, characterized by the presence of pronounced childishness in the behavior, giggles, complacency, a smile without a cause, grimaces, royal manners, naughty girls. There may be delusions and hallucinations. Perhaps a passion for religion and theoretical sciences (eg, philosophy).


Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder (from the Greek. An - denial prefix, typos - imprint, form) - a mental disorder characterized by general steady anxiety. Often accompanied by complaints of constant nervousness, tremors, depression, muscle tension and discomfort. There may be a fear of illness or accident that extends to oneself and / or loved ones. 


A depressive episode of a severe degree with psychotic symptoms (from the other Greek: ψυχή - soul and -ωσις - disturbed state) - a pronounced mental disorder, with hallucinations, delusions, psychomotor inhibition, in which mental reactions are grossly contradict the real situation, which is reflected in the disorder of perception of the real world and disorganization of behavior.



Mental and behavioral disorders caused by the use of sedatives (from Lat. Sedatio - sedation) - a group of symptoms of different nature and varying severity resulting from the complete or partial removal of psychoactive substances from the body after constant use, complicated by delirium and may be accompanied by convulsions.